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How a Builder Can Help in Chimney Removal in Dartford?

Do you have an old chimney in your house that you want to remove? Many modern home owners prefer to install contemporary stoves in their property to offer it a sleek look. Age-old chimneys do not suit the look of a house if the house owner plans to renovate it to give a stylish look. But removing it is not an easy task. Following certain building regulations is necessary during a chimney removal in Dartford.

J V Beck Builders can help you if you are looking for a builder to remove a chimney in your house. Important council approvals make the work easier and legally sound. Without the approval, you may end up being behind the bars. Thus, proper assistance from the service providers should be opted for.

What Rules a Builder Follows during chimney removal?

Proper Planning

Following a plan holds importance as chimney removal is not an easy task. The home owners need to take care of all the requirements that might come handy during the removal. Building regulations play an important role in deciding whether the removal will affect the surroundings of a property or not. This covers construction projects, such as electrical safety, fire hazards, ventilation, plumbing, drainage, heating appliance safety and structural strength.

As chimney removal requires a lot of planning, the home owner needs to follow local regulations.

Structural Strength

Removing a chimney without following certain regulations can harm the structural strength of a building. Maintaining proper structural support is mandatory and it can be achieved through the insertion of a structural steel beam.

Keep the Roof Dry

During a removal procedure from the roof, there is always a risk of leaks. If your property is not damp-proof, water can get inside, leading to mold problem. This can decay the structure of a home and lead to the health issues too.

To prevent the moisture from getting into the system, installation of a ventilated cap can help to a great extent.

Take Care of Your Neighbors

Protect the neighbors from potential carbon monoxide poisoning by meeting the party wall requirements.

Undertaking necessary fire protection to prevent potential fire hazard is also important to keep the property safe.

Only a certified and trained builder from J V Beck Builders can help in a successful chimney removal procedure in Dartford. Take a look at their website to hire their services!